Pattaya Nightlife

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If you find yourself asking what is there to do in Pattaya, you should know that the nightlife here is world-famous, with its Walking Street and overlapping neon signs of discos, go-go’s and other nocturnal entertainment hubs. This mile-long strip is a party Mecca lined with a mix of drinking bars and world-class nightclubs anyone who visits Pattaya has to experience. Walking Street is the busiest hotspot in Thailand and has a full kilometer of sheer volume nightclubs and beer bars with something for every taste.

This sleazy side of Pattaya is great for watching some great live music acts and one of the numerous street performers, in order to soak up in the atmosphere. Many visitors come here to enjoy the Pattaya nightlife with its many bars full of night time fun, as well as the beach road areas, whether for just the weekend or an extended stay. The party doesn’t start until around 10 PM, but if you want to avoid the crowds should come a little earlier, have some seafood and sit at one of the open-air bars.

The clubs workers are super friendly and welcoming and drink prices vary from venue to venue, due to the concentration of bars here. A must for any visitor, the girly bars, live music venues or expertly produced cocktails of the city will help you get the most out of your trip. Look out for happy hours that run all night, as it is possible to go from bar to bar to ensure you get a good deal.

Pattaya is one of the tourist districts, absolutely wonderful, that is well-known for its beautiful hot escorts and great playtime. Whether you are a single man or an adventurous couple, you will surely find skilled playmates for your fun in Pattaya. Just check an sites like : to find the best women, as it is definitely a fun city where anything can happen because absolutely anything goes.

You cannot name the city without thinking of its mile of madness clubs and parlors that create, without a doubt, the vibe of the nightlife in Pattaya. Draft beers can be bought for 69 baht at Soi’s, or more expensive ones can be found in the GoGo’s after midnight. From its high-tech gateway to the Bali Hai Plaza there are go-go bars and restaurant on each of the side streets, making the whole city into a dense and vibrant nightlife entertainment venue.

The nightlife along the beach road is a collection of Soi’s spaced between beach road and second road, as well as a wide choice of independently owned Thai restaurants and bars and attached to the large hotels, such as the Hard Rock. When deciding what to do you should consider walking along beach road for a more relaxed evening and a slower pace. The scene in Pattaya has numerous little famous clusters where you can choose to party and its amazing center is the walking street with its neon-lit street, stretching from Bali Hai pier to beach road.



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