What is a Bar Girl

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The remarkable thing in Thailand is that there is so much to do that you could spend a whole week here and would still find new places and points of interest to go to every evening, around the neon-drenched strip. Some of the different attractions are renowned for cabaret shows, massage, and ladyboys.

If you’re here for a brief holiday you’ll probably get the impression of “first class” treatment, an affair that is a rather delusive clear-cut worker/customer relationship. A bar girl is, mainly, a woman paid to entertain in a bar, individually or as a performer, varying widely from place to place. Be aware that 99% of Pattaya women and girls are extremely jealous and they would mind going to bed with a married man, and if you’re a “butterfly”, you might have to face problems, even if you’ve stayed with her in an unconventional relationship.

Not be confused with a barmaid, a bargirl is expected to entertain customers or to dance and can help you learn to speak Thai as well, without the weird pronunciation many foreigners have. If one day you take a girl from a bar, and the next day take another girl, the first will get jealous of her rival, and the second one might reject you, so if you don’t want to end up in a relationship with a bar girl but prefer to change every now and then, it would be better to change the bar. The interaction with bar girls cannot be grasped entirely in one evening, although many girls speak very clear English, even after a few beers.

If you want to enjoy your vacation, try to keep things uncomplicated and be extra cautious, don’t let yourself get “caught in the act” by avoiding love bites, not giving your phone number or add them on Facebook. The entertainment may be ranging from conversation to sexual services or go-go dancing. Thai bar girls can be aggressive and resort to violent behavior, so be aware if they start crying, get nastier or scream as they might finally attack you with their tiny fists.

It is usually a young woman who can be found in a GoGo Bar in Southeast Asian destinations and it is not defined as a prostitute. If you’re in Pattaya and don’t need an around-the-clock escort you’re probably better off not sticking to the same lady and going bar-hopping for less trouble. The attractive girls are usually employed by the bar to encourage the male to buy drinks, as well.

Also known as B-girl or juicy girl, a Bargirl may be found throughout the world, for example in regular bars in the U.S., go-go bars in Southeast Asia, or boliches in Argentina. You can have the best times with bar girls in the gogo bar scene or soapy massages as there are many things to do without involving a short time hotel. There are many common misconceptions about Pattaya girls, such as the fact that they are submissive and commercial, however, most bar girls are actually very bossy, tetchy or even violent.

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